• One woman

  • Cycling 2000km along the Philippines coast

  • To reduce ocean plastics for future generations

  • To reinvigorate pride in native materials

  • To build awareness of the issues of plastics and consumption on marine and human health


My name is Anna Dawson and I’ve worked and volunteered in the Philippines since 2008. In 2014 I sailed from my homecountry of New Zealand west to the Philippines stopping off at many remote islands along the way. Unfortunately the windward side of these islands often had one common denominator – PLASTIC. In 2015 I became a mum and I realised, more than ever, how much I want to preserve this beautiful planet. The rest is history. Now I’m cycling 2000km along the Philippines coasts to raise awareness about the issues of ocean plastic and to reduce plastic in the Philippines waters. Please join me along the way!

Actually the main thing you need to know about me, is that I care about YOU! I want to connect to likeminded people, who share the same values so please feel free to drop me an email at anna@plasticfreephilippines.com!


Latest News from the road


New Years Plastic Free Resolutions

3 months of picking up trash in the Philippines and five steps for us all reduce plastic in 2017. Eat better. Yes. This is not about some crazy diet. It is about creating a better environment for our children. If we snack on fruit, nuts, and all that good stuff that comes packaged naturally and […]

So many straws in the philippines

Straw Wars Calayo

Calayo beach clean up   Length of beach covered ~ 200m Sacks collected – 1 Volunteers – Solo clean up   Main items collected – Yes I was targeting straws but the fact that I picked up 400 of them in 20 minutes is very alarming. No these had not all come from Calayo beach, […]

What YOU can do


Get out to your local beach, grab an old rice sack and fill it, it’s actually fun, it’s like therapy after a stressful day, and afterwards you can go swimming in a clean sea! Send us your pictures of beach cleans in your local area! Refuse Plastic, Reduce Plastic, Reuse Plastic, Recycle Plastic!


Let’s go native again Philippines. Remember how your Lola used to do it. Your Lola didn’t go to the supermarket and leave with arms laden with plastic. She had bags that were woven, She grew her own, She bought healthy veggies and fish, she carried things in her arms.


Let’s all remember that consumption doesn’t bring happiness. Studies have shown that once basic needs are met there is no correlation between happiness and owning more stuff!

You are important. YES YOU, We need people like you, passionate about the environment to share our message if you also believe in it too!