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Day two – alberquerque to Lila on foot

This was a great day. I stopped at palo beach resort and met bobby the caretaker and his brother. Together we collected a sack of rubbish from hinawanan beach before 8am – a good start to the day.

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I also met Ernesto who has contacts at the Bohol chronicle and would like to write an article about my quest and cause. He also had some good ideas about how to present the message to school kids.

Later in the day I talked to Chris who talked about trying to involve local governments in my quest. 

In the evening Josh and I met some lovely girls who went to Lila high school. Apparently it has been recognised around the Philippines as a zero waste school where they separate waste and have a materials recovery facility. It is a shame this hasn’t extended to Lila beach which was a bit of a mess. They invited me to visit their school and I will try to do that on the way back as it was a weekend.

I’m starting to see some common culprits on the beaches…

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