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Day three – Lila to badiang springs on foot 

This was very much a head down get to where I was going walk. While it’s tempting to stop and talk to everyone about what I am doing, the heat and the need to spend time with my family each day mean that I only want to walk a few hours in the morning. During the main quest I will have promotional materials in English and Tagalog to give out. That way I don’t have to explain myself to everyone and hope to have a bigger reach.

My husband and I have discussed the possibility of adjusting the quest to a biking challenge which will allow more energy to be diverted to beach clean ups and outreach as this is really what it is all about. We’ll talk more about it on my rest day tomorrow.

I had a disheartening evening at badiang springs. It is the most stunning place but because everyone does their laundry and showering there it is littered with thousands of tiny packets of shampoos, conditioner and laundry products.

One lady said to me “it’s a shame we can’t appreciate this beautiful place” as I picked up plastic trash that was dangerously close to the ocean. 

Single use one serve plastic care products are prolific in the Philippines. In a country where some are living day to day it makes good marketing sense to sell small serves but this is really dangerous to the environment as the ratio of packaging to product is crazy!! Something that Plastic Free Philippines hopes to change in the future!! 

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I collected a whole bag in about half an hour that’s how dense it was. One other lady helped me out and I saw someone take a picture of what I was doing so hopefully the leading by example idea is working!! I need to come up with better ways to motivate people to join my clean ups, prizes, fresh fruit giveaways or something like that. It’s a work in progress, I’m a work in progress!! Please get in touch on anna [at] plasticfreephilippines [dot] com if you’d like to join a clean up I’m your local area! Tell me where I can do a clean up if you are dismayed at the state of your local beach!!



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