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Day five – badiang springs to guindalman by bike

After chatting through things with my husband we decided that we should also trial cycling instead of walking. This will allow me to spend more of my energy on school visits and beach clean ups. And less energy on the process of getting from place to place. Today has gone well. I was still able to stop and chat to people about what I am doing but in the long empty stretches where the coast wasn’t in site I could power it out on the bike. It is set. The quest will be a 2000km bike ride along the Philippines coastline which will allow me to go the full length of the country. Exciting!

In the evening I did a clean up at a village just south of guindalman. It was neat to see the kids getting involved and one 2 year old even managed to pick up some plastic waste. There’s a long way to go in changing mindsets. The ocean is still very much seen as a great place to discard unwanted Basura, and of course it is only science that is now showing us this couldn’t be further from the truth, the implications on marine life and therefore us are immense. I have a lot of work to do!! 

I was happy when a few people from the fishing village liked my Facebook page that I’ve just started working on. I wouldn’t have expected this from such a small community but it shows the power of Facebook to spread a message far and wide.

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