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Day Six

I arrived in Anda in good time on the bike. Excited to announce that the trial quest is over and the family have survived. This gives me the courage to keep going on this journey. Plastic Free Philippines, let’s do this. It’s the start of a long journey, but it all starts with a small step, or in this case one turn of a pedal.

Anda beach was the cleanest I’ve seen, the local government are doing their part here and the tourism helps. BUT I was a bit shocked to find the amount of trash in the water just off the beach. I couldn’t see this until I ventured in. Also when I was doing a sunrise beach clean I saw local government workers cleaning up the beach by burying piles of seaweed with plastic included. Out of sight but definitely not out of my mind.

But let’s go, let’s do this. Let’s build awareness of these issues.

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