Mini Clean

Spontaneous Dumaguete Town Clean Up

Sacks collected – 2

What I saw a lot of – Clothing!

Total count – 28 sacks of plastic kept out of the ocean.

In the theme of every little bit helps and leading by doing, being the change you want to see in the world, etc, etc, I am trying to do a series of small clean ups regularly. Even if I find the volunteers on the spot, explain to them what I’m doing, pass around a brochure in Tagalog, and get going. Get people watching. Talking. I’m hoping that it all helps. Because everything starts somewhere right. And this is the start of my journey into learning more. To working out how we can go beyond knowledge and awareness, into concrete actions and behaviour change.

In Dumaguete we were a team of 6 of varying ages and backgrounds. But we pulled 2 sacks of rubbish from the beach in 20 minutes. And every little bit helps right?

Mini Clean
Mini Beach Clean Dumaguete

To help us spread the message even further ABS-CBN met us on the beach and we’ve since heard that various viewers throughout the Visayas caught us on TV. It would be great if we can do this again, but instead of focusing on the beach clean ups, lets focus on market shopping, on using ecobags, on not making the waste in the first place. Cheers to the volunteers. You’re not the types to be roaming on facebook and I probably won’t hear from you again, but I respect you all.

Volunteers on TV
Volunteers on TV

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