Moalboal Cleanup Crew

The Moalboal Plastic Punchers – Beach clean up with Savedra Dive Center

Length of beach covered ~ 0.5km of mostly rocky but some sandy areas.

So grateful to this crew

Volunteers – Myself and Savendra Dive center employees – 12 in total! So grateful for this awesome crew!

Moalboal Cleanup Crew
Moalboal Cleanup Crew with Savedra Dive Center included Shao-Hua Chen, Philip Jennings, Jaime Sabanate, Firos Baassini, Jeton Ypanto, Robert Gabato, Rico Matimatico, Nato Vidal, Mark Omboy

Sacks collected – 13 sacks or approximately 6500 pieces of plastic (After counting about what the average rice sack will fill and averaging it out I conservatively estimate around 500 pieces per sack.)

Worst offenders – I was surprised by the amount of polystyrene I picked up in Moalboal, most of my sack was tiny pieces of the stuff, which is awful because it the little white balls look very like fish food. I’d love to see styro being phased out in the Philippines.

Poly poly poly styrene
Poly poly poly styrene

Some thoughts – I’m so grateful to Savedra Dive Center for getting behind this activity. While I was hoping to get more replies from the Moalboal community generally I’m finding divers around the Philippines are 100% behind what I’m doing. My passion for the ocean came from sailing from New Zealand to the Philippines but it has been with me for longer than this, accumulated from a kiwi childhood surrounded by water, boating, and beaches. We must continue to connect to the ocean in a way that makes us all realise how much the health of the ocean is tied to the health of humanity. So let’s keep enjoying the world and keep loving it, and this will propel the urge to protect.


Total Sack count after the first week = 36 sacks

My personal sack count = 4 sacks in 1 week!

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