Badiang Springs Solo Clean


Sometimes it’s important to do clean ups by myself, to reflect on what I’m picking up, how can we change this, and also just to lead by example, it’s a kind of passive form of protest I guess, but I think it’s a powerful one. In the Philippines this is really hard because people will normally join me if I am cleaning by myself. BUT on this occasion I was able to collect a sack of plastic (I counted 500 pieces) from Badiang Springs.

Length of beach covered – 20m maximum – the concentration of trash is really high in this area.

Sacks collected – 1

Time to collect – 45 minutes

Time to sort sort – 45 minutes


The worst offenders – Surf laundry detergent packets. This is a natural spring where people come to do their laundry and leave their very unnatural plastic packaging around the place. It’s really sad, because it’s beautiful, but plasticky.

Sorted plastic from the beach, kind of makes me think of big brand accountability and the need to make changes to product stewardship


Total number of sacks collected by volunteers to date – 97.5

Total number of sacks collected by myself to date – 9

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