The Beach is not a Dumping Ground

Pulupandan Mini Clean Up

Length of beach covered ~ 50m

Sacks collected – 1 rice sack

Volunteers – 1 volunteer joined me when she saw what I was doing


Main items collected – whole garbage bags full of plastic


While we were waiting for the boat for Guimaras I saw an area that had very clearly no waste management and no collection. This is a huge problem for some areas of the Philippines, especially some of the more remote islands, but here just south of Bacolod I expected better awareness of the issues of plastic. This shows how much work needs to be done to share how dangerous plastic is for the environment and how the ocean simply can’t be a dumping ground for plastic. Practice on this beach was to put out your garbage below the high tide line and watch it wash away. Hai naku! I have work to do.


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