I believe the children are the future

Teach them well and let them lead the way – Banate Morning Clean up


Length of beach covered ~ 10m

Sacks collected – 3 rice sacks

Volunteers – Local Kids


Main items collected – Diapers, snack packets


I love kids so much, they just get stuff done without being asked and are always willing to lend a hand. I hope that by continuing to do clean ups where they pick stuff up we will change the culture of throwing stuff on the ground in the Philippines. I’ve been a bit silent about this because I don’t want to offend and I know that it took New Zealand a long time to share the message that throwing rubbish on the ground is bad. It’s almost like it’s intuitive to throw stuff on the ground as not so long ago it was all organic, and good for the ground, but now it is most definitely not. Aside from the beach clean ups the roads that I have been cycling are an absolute mess. The roads drain to the stormwater and rivers, and this in turn ends up in the ocean. 80% of plastic trash in the ocean comes from the land and a lot floats down from upland. Education can’t just be in coastal areas.

Anyway we had an awesome clean up with Joshi and these kids. They were such lovely kind hearted kids. We’ll likely never see them again but they participated in the plastic free challenge. They will forever be in my hearts.


Speaking of kids thought I also need to mention that a huge part of what we are picking up by volume is diapers! If we could make a program to start pushing for reusable diapers around the country we’d be saving the oceans at the same time. I know lots of divers see diapers draped over coral. It’s a real issue. Anyone want to work on that for me? My son has been in reusables since he was about 3 months old, however it was too hard while we travelled to keep him in these, the amount of waste is phenomenal!


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