When casual lunch chats turn into Beach Cleanup Efforts

San Roque Beach Clean Up


Length of beach covered ~ 10m

Sacks collected – 3 rice sacks

Volunteers – Local Kids

Main items collected – There were a lot of plastic bags wrapped around mangroves and in trees. This beach had no one living there and it was only servicing weekenders. There was a huge pile of trash on the beach that was in the process of being burned. So common is it that I see these piles. Plastic burning is rife in the Philippines and it’s why figures for plastic disposal are underrepresented, if people didn’t burn their garbage (which is dangerous for their health and the health of the planet then the dumpsites would be even more trouble).

I met Mae and June (how cool is that for a couple) in a caranderia in Banate and they told me they’d line up some volunteers from their youth group. We had a lovely chat about their organic veggie gardens. Healthy food is such a huge part of solving the plastic pollution issue in the Philippines as so much of what we are picking up is snack packets. If only bananas and mango were even cheaper!? Can someone explain why a packet of processed corn chips traveling across the country, and at times internationally can be cheaper than a banana? I took this picture to show how skewed the cost of snacking is. Plastic shit is too cheap. Far too cheap. Let’s build more environmental costs into packaging through taxes or charges, whatever mechanism and encourage people through economics to buy healthier food.SanRoqueClean1

Aside from all this banter, the youth group were super stars, what a lovely group of individuals, ready and eager to do their part. So many like this. I’m so blessed to meet these people. At numerous times during this trip I’ve felt like I’m being guided by a force greater than myself. This was one of them.

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