Concepion Beach Clean Up


Length of beach covered ~ 100m

Sacks collected – 2 rice sacks

Volunteers – Robin and Joshi

Family Pic (not taken in Concepcion)

Main items collected – personal garbage left on the beach, trash from tourists snacking, plastic snacks, miscellaneous plastic bags.

The family went out for a beach clean on a casual Sunday. This is normally our rest day but it’s not a bad way to pass an hour or two. I was pretty shocked here as Conception was downright plastic-y on the beach and I didn’t have long enough to coordinate a big clean up. By the port, as always with ports and markets there were huge amounts of plastic and I’m not sure it was all coming in with the ocean, in fact I know it’s not.


So let’s talk about positivity for a while, because sometimes I need to draw on every bit of strength I have not to get really worried about the direction of the world. I need to remember all the people I’ve met along the way, all the amazing people who really care about this cause.

Every time I step into a supermarket and get overwhelmed by the bright lights, the gleaming products, the overflowing trolleys of plastic items I have to bite my lip and hold my head high, knowing that a couple of years ago we were doing the same. Knowing that before we sailed from the Philippines to New Zealand we had no appreciation for the damage we were doing to our environment with plastic. Before sailing I saw myself as separate from the ocean, now I feel a part of it. Every day Robin and I have flashbacks of life out there. The simplicity, the dolphins, the waves, the endless blue. I am grateful for all the experiences in my life, and hope I can guide others to have similar realisations and experiences. Similarly I hope others can guide me. Because I know I’m getting things wrong all the time – but in the ‘not using plastic’ sphere I feel like I’m doing a small right. Right and wrong is complex, but not using single use plastic as much as I possibly can, to me, feels right. So let us keep our heads held high in optimism for the planet, knowing that we are all constantly evolving.


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