Mangroves, nursery grounds for fish, or plastic hot spots?

Capiz Bay Cleanup


Length of beach covered ~ 500m

Sacks collected – 20 rice sacks

Volunteers – Around 40 people from Capiz Bay community local barangay.

Main items collected – Clothing


The horrible thing about this clean up was the amount of clothing and other plastics entangled in the roots of mangroves. This is a huge problem around the Philippines where mangroves (also nursery grounds for juvenile fish) become areas for plastic accumulation. Some might say that it is better caught here than further out in the ocean as we have a chance to collect it, however I can imagine the content of microplastic in the water in these areas is really high. Therefore the fish here are starting their lives in a big plastic cesspit. Yuk.


On a brighter note I loved this clean up with the community of Capiz Bay and I’m super thankful to Capiz bay resort for connecting me with this awesome group. They came and left with smiles, it was great to see such a range of ages getting stuck in and clearing the plastic from around the mangroves and along the coast. Good work guys! You’re awesome!


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