Badiang Springs Solo Clean


  Sometimes it’s important to do clean ups by myself, to reflect on what I’m picking up, how can we change this, and also just to lead by example, it’s a kind of passive form of protest I guess, but I think it’s a powerful one. In the Philippines this is really hard because people will […]

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Need inspiration? Read this..


There’s a time for stories of destruction and dismay. But there’s also a time for stories of creativity and human spirit. Stories of success. Stories that inspire us. In Bago City just 20km south of Bacolod in the Visayas region of the Philippines a group of women are crocheting used plastic bags, diverting them from […]

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Cycle touring the Philippines


This journey is mainly about keeping plastic pollution — about using less of the stuff, about keeping it off the beaches and out of the ocean. But to share this message I am traveling the length of the Philippines on a Bambike, made of bamboo, handmade in the Philippines. Therefore this blog is dedicated to […]

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Doljo Beach Clean Up

60 sacks of plastic kept out of the ocean!

Length of beach for collection ~ 1km Sacks collected – 60 sacks Personal collection – 3 sacks Volunteers – 113 registered, with more unregistered volunteers on the other side of the island. Breakdown of the trash – 50% Plastic snack packets/sachets/bags/soft plastic, 16% Plastic Bottles 8.3% Polystyrene 4.1% Plastic Cup 4.1% Glass 4.1% Rubber 4.1% […]

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