One sad teddy

A rant on littering

Nugsubu Beach Clean Up


Length of beach covered ~ 100m

Sacks collected – 2

Volunteers – Solo clean up with 2 volunteers joining


Main items picked up – Chip packets from picnickers and sadly a Teddy Bear! Some thick fishing rope.


Picnic Trash
Picnic Trash

Unlike other beach clean ups where I was positive a lot of material was coming from the ocean in Nugsubu I was picking up a lot from the upper end of the beach in areas popular for beach visitors. It sometimes alarms me the capacity to leave plastic rubbish in such a natural place? Do people not see this as something that is bad for the environment? Why not take it home with you? Is it too much of an effort? I think it’s just that generations learned to leave their banana and coconut on the ground and we’re still working on changing our ways now that other materials have been introduced. I hope its this, and not laziness, because if you can go to the effort of bringing chip packets and drinks and all number of food that isn’t even that good for you to the beach, then surely you can go to the smaller effort of taking the empties home with you. Leave nothing but footprints!

Teddy sunset
Teddy sunset

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